Deen Kemsley

Sep 21, 2007 |
A collection of 8 personal essays on Jesus Christ by Deen Kemsley. Endorsed by Glenn Beck of CNN and Richard Mouw of Fuller Theological Seminary. ... Read more

Charles Hicks, Author

Jan 22, 2008 |
A story teller and the author of Secret Cargo. He was born in North Carolin and enjoys writing fiction adventures and suspense novels. When visiting the website you can play Trivia Swept II and win ... Read more

Horace Mann Authors

Dec 19, 2007 |
Jonathan James Fuld 1995. How to Win College Elections. Alan S. Furst 1958 Kingdom of Shadows Red Gold: A Novel The World at Night The Polish Officer. ... Read more

Works of Rebecca Lilly

Aug 25, 2008 |
Rebecca Lilly is an author of works on spiritual awareness and a poet, with two poetry collections, and a wide range of journal publications. ... Read more

The Twilight Alliance

Aug 26, 2008 |
The official Website for the Twilight Alliance, the first novel by Author C.S. Gregg. Buy the novel off of the website. ... Read more

Ronii Rogers

Sep 16, 2008 |
Inspirational book and books for single mothers, an inspirational and riveting memoir that will enhance and change a life forever. ... Read more